Thursday, December 23, 2010

The holiday seasons cause repulsion and disgust.

First before I start this blog let me iterate that I am not a religious or god-fearing person. It is my belief that religion (the major factions; Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Muslimism, Taoism, Hinduism and Paganism) within its self has some good parts and some bad parts to it such as life does, though to me it is nothing more then a guide and a mythology people hold on to as to them it gets them through life thinking that there is something in the end. This is my belief and I push it on to no one. I know this is going to offend quite a lot of you but this is my belief and I am not instigating an argument.

…. And so on to the subject.

Now the holidays to me are a complete and utter waste of time. Some may say well you go to the parties sure, lets keeps having them but as a non-holiday theme (who doesn’t like to party?). I grew up in a dysfunctional family much like the lot of you reading this, in face I have yet to see a completely “functional” family as of yet… But growing up the way I did (I am in no way stating it was better or worse then any of yours, just different) taught me the things I learned to make me who I am today.

Nothing is traditional with me, one side of my family (the side I did not grow up with) invites or did invite me for Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners and such, though I do not go. Granted I have love and care for them all I still don’t see myself really fitting in even though we all get along its just tragically different. The side that I grew up with well is pretty messed up in its own religions and status ideals that when I was growing and had to be at the holiday events I never wanted to be. Now as of this date my Grandmother has dementia and does not recall who I am, my grandfather disapproves of me being vegetarian, non-religious and following my dreams and my parental figure (father) takes what his father says as the his own.

At one time for a good number of years I got to experience what a real family Christmas and other holidays we like with my ex, but that ended we were not meant to be. The memories were good but that’s all they will be and I am content with that now.

I have some great friends in my life who when I am not sick and can attend we have our VEGETARIAN THANKSGIVING together which no pun intended but I am very thankful for. Last year A really goof friend invited me for Christmas dinner with her family I am greatly thankful for this as well. But people ask then what’s your problem with Christmas? Well It would like me asking you to Celebrate and Pagan or Hindu Holiday every year because everyone else does. I don’t see the point I have never felt comfortable with receiving gifts (on Christmas) I get this disgusted feeling in my stomach that makes me feel so very odd. I like random surprise things.

Though feeling like this isn’t just confined to Christmas but also Valentines day. I think that if you love someone don’t just overly show it on one marked holiday but show it every single day in all the things that you do. This also goes for mothers and fathers day, if your going to take the time once a year to send a card or call why not do it once a month or if you live with or by once a week or even day that you care (granted different situations are understandable if estranged or whatever) .

Well that is it for my 2010 holiday blog/vent I choose not so celebrate the holiday and continue living and enjoying my life. To all you that celebrate enjoy and Ill see you on the flipside!

- Jeremiah Saint

~ Thus is my rant for today many more to come.